Defend Against the Unexpected: How to Build an Emergency Fund

Life is full of uncertainty.  Cars break down, we get sick, layoff notices come, roofs leak, water heaters burst, and bones break.  These and other events strike without warning.  If you do not have money set aside to handle these situations, you will likely be forced to rely on high-interest debt such as credit cards… Read More

The Power of Intentionality in Personal Finance

Personal finance is a fascinating topic because, well, it’s personal.  There are hundreds of books, blogs and celebrities out there espousing different philosophies.  YOUR money should be managed in a way that maximizes YOUR happiness, peace of mind, and security.  Money alone cannot buy happiness, but how you spend, save and invest money can bring you freedom… Read More

How to Rebuild from Rock Bottom: 2 Powerful Financial Lessons

Have you ever found yourself drifting through life without direction or purpose?  Drifting is how you get nowhere, fast.  When you’re drifting, directionless and without goals or a plan, you can fall, unprepared, right off a cliff.  This happened to me.  In my mid-twenties, I fell off a financial cliff and hit my financial rock… Read More